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Low skies, low lands 33x65
Reflections 33,5x65
Winter blues 36,5x60
Natures Silence 33x102
Into space 71x79
Landscape in Holland 41x57
Into rays of light 80x100
Sakura reflections  46,5 x 56,5
Kokoro  96 x 124
Bamboo in gold  90 x 124
Composition in gold, orange and blue 4 93x125
Autumn leaves 60,5 x 104
E-motion part 1 40 x 48,5
The All Seeing 107x136
Between lines 94x120
Coming out 87x120
Kimono 96x125
Inner vision 84x118
Love from heart to heart 107x120
Simple beauty 100x130
Strong and tender 91x127
The beauty of SUMI 1 85x120
The beauty of SUMI 2 85x120
Sense of spring 87x120
Having fun 84x118
Open to receive 86x120
Composition in gold,orange and blue 1 93x125
Composition in gold,orange and blue 2 93x125
Composition in gold,orange and blue 3 93x125
Brush mind 84x118
Terukun In blue 100x100
ENSO(part 2) 64x76
Power of bamboo 82x96
Blue horizon 40x50
Zanshin 78x99
The Weeping Meadow 65x127
midsummernight 42x43
Takayama 67x111
White Heron's Place 61x115
Wa kei sei jaku 42x84
Het peloton,groene trui 50x119
Will she be mine? 76x120
Opening up 72x123
Bamboo 60x28
Expecting 68x116
Letting go 68x116
Zenergy(2) 113x126
Zenergy(2) 113x126

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