Comments from visitors to exhibitions

  • Jan van Zanen, mayor of Utrecht: I am impressed, deep admiration.


  • George Benson: "Lots of thanks. Great " ( North Sea Jazz )


  • Rob de Nijs: From the very first time I saw your painting “Bird in Flight”, this is what I have felt: “Pur Sang”, goose bumps, and emotion. ( see record sleeve and logo )


  • Gesshin Prabhasa Dharma, Zenmaster: ink, brush, paper in one stroke of breath Marjon appears-dis-appears


  • Thank you for bringing so much harmony and beauty to the Dorint Hotel Don Giovanni (Werner Koppel, General Manager, Prague) (PDF LINK)
  • She is the next Miró! (art critic of French daily journal, Prague)
  • Now, this is art with a capital “A”.  (museum curator)
  • Ralph Russ, alderman of Oisterwijk: Marjon de Jong is a Dutch artist who possesses Oriental peace and depth by nature. She has this Oriental BEING. Through her paintings, she is able to make these feelings and atmospheres visible to others. Her paintings are of a purity and beauty one seldom encounters. The kind of beauty which made Plato say, “Beauty is visualised love.” For a Westerner to be able to create such beautiful Japanese paintings is unique. The abstraction and beauty of her paintings unleash the imagination.
  • So much beauty is hard to grasp at once. I will have to come back many more times to take it all in. ( B.Douwes )
  • A new way of looking at art! Great experience. ( C.Alberts )
  • Impulse from your deepest emotional life. Joy mixed with inner peace. Watched in tears and touched by beauty, Stunning! ( T.Vrieze )
  • This really is Japan! Wonderful! Very much impressed. (Reiki practitioner)
  • You are one of a kind, what a story behind every leaf. ( J.Heijboer )
  • Few words are needed, it is hushed movement and you find peace of mind. With great admiration. ( Frans Mieghout, correspondent )
  • When I first saw your art, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Now I know that you can even top that! ( H.Bokhoven )
  • This is amazing! We were absolutely convinced that this art was created by the hands of a Japanese. ( P&C Lodder )
  • Marjon, this was a special exhibition visited by an interested audience. Some people came back for a second or even a third time. Thank you very much for the pleasant cooperation. Good luck in Miami. (Piet Houx, Oisterwijk gallery)

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