Workshop One-Line-Painting

One Line Painting

In this workshop, technique is irrelevant. Instead, it is all about the experience of experimenting with different forms and structures within a single line. The character of this workshop is highly intuitive and meditative – the essence of painting and the beauty which emerges “coincidentally”, is particularly important. You will get to work with special brushes and very large brushes as well. You will also make your own personal brush which you will then use to paint. This workshop is very exciting and challenging for everyone, even for those who cannot draw or paint. You will find that your deepest creativity will surface just like that. Weather permitting, most of the work will be done outside.

This workshop is also very suitable as a group activity for, e.g. companies, institutions, families, or groups of friends.

The materials for this workshop will be provided by me (charged separately).

Duration 3 hours
Participants 6 maximum
Cost € 120,- (excluding materials)
Materials € 30,- (optional)
When Workshops are held in the afternoon on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays.
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One Line Painting2
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