Workshop SUMI-E

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In this workshop, you will learn the basic techniques of Sumi-e. You will be taught the mokkotsu (boneless) technique of painting without outline. The most direct and spontaneous approach to the subject is painting its perspective, light, and shadow in one stroke. You will be introduced to topics like the four Shikunshi (bamboo, orchid, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum), landscapes, trees, mountains, rocks, and calligraphy.

A basic set of materials can be provided by me. This set includes an ink stone, an ink stick, a brush, felt and a water dropper. Alternatively, you are free to bring your own materials.

Duration 3 hours
Participants 6 maximum
Cost € 95,- (excluding materials)
Materials € 77,- one-off contribution (excluding paper)
When Workshops are held in the afternoon on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays.
PRIVATE LESSONS Would you prefer private lessons in Sum-E, that’s possible. Costs are € 45,- per hour, materials not included.
Masterclass Would you like to follow a masterclass CLICK HERE
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